Solar Association Management

The Association is managed by the Chairman and members.

The Chairman welcomes contact from members and in particular with regard to how the Solar Association can assist them grow their business or the SWH sector in general.

Members receive technical support on the industry and in particular what is happening with regard to technical standards or government assistance programmes. A quarterly Newsletter is produced and circulated to members and their Approved Installers.

Annual planning days are held at the time of the AGM which is generally held around the end of July. All members are encouraged to attend.

Glenn Harvey


The Association Chairman and Accounts officer manages the day to day affairs of the Association and undertakes tasks as appropriate. Members are encouraged to contact the Chairman on any solar matter whether relating to their specific solar business or to industry matters. The Chairman:

  • Assists members grow their SWH business
  • Assists members establish best practice supply and installation processes
  • Represents the Solar Association at public meetings and to the media
  • Handles enquiries from the public
  • Takes complaints from the public on SWH performance matters
  • Represents the industry on the development of technical standards
  • Works with training providers on the establishment and delivery of training courses
  • Works with government agencies on the establishment and delivery of government SWH incentive programmes
  • Manages the association website and delivery of information on best practice supply and installation of SWH systems to members and the public
  • Is the Administrator of the association's Supplier Accreditation Scheme
  • Maintains web based listings of Accredited Suppliers, Approved Installers and complying SWH Systems.


If you have any query about SWH or the Association contact the Chairman.