Quality Supply and Installation of Solar Systems

Solar Association of New Zealand Accredited SupplierThe quality supply and installation of solar water heating systems can be split into three parts:

  • Complying solar water heating systems that meet the standards for manufacture
  • SWH Dealers accredited for the supply and installation of complying solar water heating systems
  • Accredited Installers

Distributors of solar water heating systems may be an importer or the manufacturer. In New Zealand a number of distributors are the manufacturer of their own branded product by way of purchasing system components and combining them to make an integrated system. A list of distributors with complying systems are listed along with the requirements for listing as a complying system here.

Accredited Solar Water Heating Retailers & Installers

The Association has established an assurance scheme based around the listing of complying solar systems and accreditation of Retailers and Installers, to provide customers with the confidence that when they purchase a solar system from an Accredited Solar Association Retailer that the system will perform as specified in the sale and purchase contract, and will be installed by a qualified installer to meet the requirements of the Building Code and best practice.

A retailer or dealer is the business who enters into the contract to supply the solar system, and as part of their contract will specify the work and be responsible for its installation. A retailer who is a specialist solar dealer will be well trained and have the experience to ensure that the system specified for a particular application is suitable for the heating required. The retailer will also ensure that the system is an appropriate design for the locality, building layout and form of backup heating. The Solar Association recognises its specialist members by conferring on them the Accredited Solar Water Heating Retailer title.

A Registered Installer is an installer who has met the minimum criteria for registration by the Solar Association. A Registered Installer may be independent or contracted to a Solar Water Heating Dealer.

A Solar Water Heating Dealer is only accredited for the supply of Complying Solar Water Heating Systems and accreditation only applies when the installation is undertaken by their Approved Installers. Accreditation does not cover product that is sold for installation by anyone who is not a Registered Installer. Where installation is custom built by connection of collector, pump and controller to an existing hot water cylinder the solar system components must be named and listed Complying Product.


Accredited Solar Water Heating System Suppliers And Designers
Accredited Dealers
Sunshine Solar Sunshine Solar 0800 786 744 john@sunshinesolar.co.nz  www.sunshinesolar.co.nz Nationwide
Consol NZ Ltd Consol 021 982073 info@consolsolar.co.nz www.consolsolar.co.nz Christchurch
SolarPeak Solarpeak 0508 468 928 ops@solarpeak.com  www.solarpeak.com Nationwide


The Accreditation Process

The accreditation scheme is administered by the Solar Association Executive Officer, who is independent and provides oversight on performance so that the public can be assured that an Accredited Retailer is undertaking work that meets the accreditation criteria. To gain Accreditation an applicant must satisfy the Solar Water Heating Accreditation Administrator that they have the relevant training and experience to be considered a solar specialist.

There are three ways to demonstrate basic competence:

  • through recognition of prior experience in the Industry
  • by completing training through a Solar Association recognised training system
  • a full description of the Solar Association Accreditation criteria and the application form is available by clicking here.

Accredited Retailers are entitled to display the Accredited Retailer logo on promotional material. We recommend that you only purchase from solar retailers displaying that logo. An accredited member must at all times abide by the Association's Code of Conduct and Responsibility. A Solar Water Heating system must be manufactured to comply with the standard AS/NZS2712:2007. The process of demonstrating compliance to the standard is outlined here.

SWH Dealers who are accredited for the supply and installation of solar water heating systems have provided documentation that indicates their experience and competence to supply and install the complying systems, and their installation practices comply with the Code of Practice for Solar Water Heating Manufacture and Installation in New Zealand. An independent Solar Water Heating Accreditation Administrator appointed by the Solar Association has reviewed the material provided and has approved their application. However accreditation offers no guarantee that Solar Water Heating Dealers or their Registered Installers meet those requirements. Purchasers should ensure that their Solar Water Heating system is installed within the requirements set out in the Code of Practice available here.