Solar Retailers & Products

The Solar Association uses an Accreditation system

The scheme is based on combining products that comply with the New Zealand standard for product durability and safety, with Accredited Solar Water Heating Retailers, and Accredited Installers who meet the minimum criteria for installation. The Solar Association recommends that only complying products be purchased for installation, from an Accredited Solar Water Heating Retailer who is trained to specify, supply and install a Solar Water Heating System using an Accredited Installer.

The Solar Water Heating Retailer is the person that the homeowner contracts with to supply and install the Solar Water Heating System. They may install the system themselves, or they may contract with a Accredited Installer to undertake the installation. The Association makes no comment or guarantee on individual company products or services. For information on each system available you should visit their website and make direct contact.


Benefits of Purchasing from an Accredited Solar Water Heating Retailer

Accreditation is a measure of competence that the Solar Water Heating Retailer will specify, install and set up for optimal energy performance the appropriate system for the application required. The measure of competence is made by an independent party and an industry established benchmark for quality products, installation, and business practices that meet best practice standards.

Accreditation also provides customers with confidence that the product they purchase is supplied and installed to the appropriate standards, that the Solar Water Heating Dealer contracts Installers who are capable and have been trained appropriately, and that the company they purchase from has a proven track record.

The benefits of the accreditation process that will flow on to the customer include:

  • Differentiation of quality Solar Water Heating Dealers and their product from those of poor quality.
  • The assurance to customers of the continued quality of services and products provided, leading to improved customer relationships.
  • The use of trained, experienced and competent solar water heating system dealers and installers.
  • The reliability of the system, the dealer, and the installers used.
  • Certainty that they are buying from the best.
  • That the energy performance of the system is reliable.
  • Confidence provided by the independent vetting that the scheme provides.

A Solar Water Heating Retailer generally undertakes to specify, supply and install the Solar Water Heating System and are thus covered by consumer legislation that requires that the system is fit for purpose and meets the durability requirements of the Building Code.

Purchasers of Solar Water Heating systems should ensure that their Sale and Purchase Contract clearly specifies the product to be supplied, the expected performance and who will be undertaking the installation. Those buying a Solar Water Heating system should note that it is important to be clear on the responsibilities of the Solar Water Heating Retailer as it is important that if anything goes wrong that they know who is responsible for fixing the problem.


Accredited for Supply and Installation of Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Water Heating Retailers who are accredited for supply and installation of solar water heating systems have provided documentation that indicates their experience and competence to specify, supply and install the complying Solar Water Heating systems in compliance with the Code of Practice for Solar Water Heating Manufacture and Installation in New Zealand. An independent Solar Water Heating Accreditation Administrator appointed by the Solar Association has reviewed information provided by the Solar Water Heating Retailer as to their competence and practices and has approved their application. However accreditation offers no guarantee that Retailers or their Installers meet those requirements. Purchasers should ensure that their Solar Water Heating system is installed within the requirements set out in the Code of Practice by an Registered Installer.

A Registered Installer is an installer who has met the minimum criteria for registration by the Solar Association. A Registered Installer may be independent or contracted to a Solar Water Heating Dealer.

View the full list of accredited Solar Water Heating Retailers and Installers and information on the Accreditation Scheme criteria.


Complying Solar Water Heating Product

View the Solar Association's list of complying Solar Water Heating Systems that have been tested and meet the New Zealand manufacturing standard AS/NZS 2712:2007 with regard to durability and safety.

SWH Product relates to a full system including collector, pump, controllers and tank. The individual items must be identified and are referred to as packaged. The standard allows components from a packaged system to be used in a custom built application such as connection of collectors, pumps and controllers to an existing hot water cylinder, or where a collector is inset into a roof.

For more information on the standards which must be met, the criteria for listing a complying system and making an application for a complying system, visit our complying solar water heating products page.