Accredited SWH Retailer

The key to a successfully operating solar water heating system is the quality of the design of the system as a whole (collector, tank, pumps and controller) and the experience of the retailer. When you purchase your solar system you should only purchase it from an Accredited SWH Retailer. An Accredited SWH Retailer is a solar specialist who can ensure that the model of system is right for you, that the system plumbing is properly specified, and that the system is installed in terms of the Building Code.

The Association sets standards for its members and assists them to meet these requirements. It recognises this through accrediting Retailers who meet the appropriate criteria. To ensure you are purchasing a quality system you should choose a product from an Accredited Solar Water Heating Retailer.

An Accredited SWH Retailer will:

  • Describe to you the different models of SWH that there are available;
  • Outline the risks of overheating or freezing of different models;
  • Help you choose the model that is best suited for your specific application;
  • Obtain from you your hot water requirements;
  • Specify the system design characteristics (storage tank design, supplementary heating controller, freeze protection, handling any hot water discharge);
  • Discuss alternative locations for installation ( Some roofs may require an elevated frame to improve orientation and inclination);
  • Provide information on indicative energy performance;
  • Enter into an agreement to supply the system, obtain the building consent on your behalf, arrange for the system to be installed according to the consent conditions, and commission the system for optimal energy performance;

A home owner is responsible for obtaining a Building Consent but because of the technical requirements for meeting the NZ building Code it is recommended that the homeowner  get the Retailer to obtain the consent as part of their contract.

If the SWH system is to be installed on a new home (which is the least cost time to install a SWH system) then they should ensure that it is clear who you are purchasing the system from and who is responsible for the actions listed above. Problems can arise with the successful performance of a SWH system if multiple trades people have been involved in an installation and there is no single party who takes responsibility for its specification, supply, installation and commissioning. By purchasing from an Accredited SWH Retailer you can be assured that they take full responsibility for specification, supply, installation and commissioning.

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