Complying Solar Water Heating Products

This page lists solar water heating systems that have been tested, and meet the manufacturing standards with regard to durability and safety.

The products listed relate to a full system including collector, pump, controllers and tank. The individual items must be identified, and are referred to as packaged. The standard allows components from a packaged system to be used in a custom built application such as connection to an existing hot water cylinder or where a collector is inset into a roof. Information on the types of packaged and custom built systems available may be found here. For information on the standards systems have to be built to, click here.


Distributors of complying solar water heating systems

The following is a list of distributors and their complying solar water heating system brands.

Consol New Zealand Consol 03-9820738
SolarPeak Solarpeak 0508468928
Sunshine Solar Sunshine Solar 0800 786744


Compliance to the manufacturing standard AS/NZS 2712

The New Zealand standard for the manufacture of solar water heating systems is AS/NZS 2712:2007. Copies of this standard are available from Standards New Zealand A guide to meeting the requirements of this standard is available here.

Testing of compliance is available from:

  • Applied Research Services in Nelson
  • University of Stuttgard, Germany
  • There are several testing laboratories in Australia.

Certification to the standard which is what is required if the product is to be sold in Australia is available from SAI-Global A certifying body checks the test reports and the manufacturing processes to confirm that the product when delivered to the customer meets the standard fully.

The 2002 version of the standard is operative until July 2009 for applications for building consents using Acceptable Solution G12/AS2. From that date applicants for a building consent will not be able to utilise G12/AS2 unless their system has been demonstrated to comply with the 2007 version of the standard.


Application for listing as a complying Solar Water Heating System

Distributors of complying solar water heating systems who wish to have their product assessed by an independent party may make an application to the Solar Industries Association for listing on this website. The criteria for listing as a complying system are available here. Distributors may make application using the form available here. All systems to be listed as a complying system must comply with the 2007 version of AS/NZS 2712.

A custom built application complies with AS/NZS 2712:2007 if it uses components that themselves individually comply with the standard. However a custom built application also has to comply with a requirement that the tank volume to collector aperture area ratio is no greater than 50L/m2.

A Complying SWH System must also not discharge on a daily basis more than three times the sum of the volume of water in the collector array plus the thermal expansion volume of the water contents of the tank.